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Crossover is a matchmaking platform which connects companies with the best talent around the world, and also provides a seamless end-to-end-solution for remote team management.



Providing remote jobs in the tech industries





Crossover is a US-based company, founded in 2014 as part of the ESW Capital, the global leader in Enterprise Software.

The Crossover mission has begun with building and developing a match-making platform between innovative software solutions and top-level international talent. At present, over 3.000 partners contribute to the development of the IT&C solutions in communities in Romania, Poland, Turkey, Russia and around the world, adding more than 130 countries to “home”.

Crossover customers include international companies in top Fortune500 embracing the technologies of the future.

Crossover’s vision is to provide opportunities for architects and software developers with advanced technical skills. We believe that independence in terms of place and work schedule, as well as the industry’s highest remuneration, can bring talented professionals closer to their potential, thus encouraging professional satisfaction and work-life balance.




The Need- Crossover is a US company with HQ based in Texas and country managers in 4 European countries, among which is Romania.

Their need consisted in transforming Crossover Romania in a trustworthy and highly selective brand when it comes to jobs in the IT&C world.

The Solution- Firstly, we developed a communication strategy, considering that Crossover Romania was still a brand without a real identity.



  • B2C Communication


Crossover, as a brand in its specific market, has two strong core points: highly paid salaries and a remote way of working. We focused strongly on these two aspects in their B2C Communication, striving to emphasize what differentiates Crossover from other similar companies.

Because remote work is still a new way of working in Romania, our strategy was mainly based on this pillar. Our main aim was to interlink in the target audience’s mind the word “remote work” with Crossover, or in other terms making the best use of SEO.

We did this with weekly content on Social Media, articles on the blog, focusing on the benefits of remote work and monthly newsletters, informing the website’s subscribers about the upcoming hiring tournaments and other updates.



  • Omnichannel Communication Strategy


Omnichannel Strategies focus on delivering to the public an integrated experience through all the available channels.

When we develop an omnichannel strategy, the brand can show its best features at the same time with offering its potential customers an integrated experience. Trying to put its values first is our main attribute, even when extending to more channels of communication.

When it came to Crossover, we tried to use specific tools for a senior level of IT workers. Because of this specific target audience, the channels of communication cannot vary that much. Different channels require a different tone of voice and different approaches to customers.


  • Integrated Hiring Experience


The IT & C world has become well-known and highly-spread nowadays, but it is also very fastidious. When it comes to working, both the employer and the employee have very high expectations regarding all aspects of work.

That’s where our work makes its appearance. With in-depth knowledge of how this market works, and especially how this target audience works, we can deliver an effective Integrated Hiring Experience, as you can see from the Crossover results.

We tailored a step-by-step strategy, firstly emphasizing their best values as a hiring company: highly paid salaries, the possibility to work from anywhere and the benefit of working with the best talents in the world in technical global teams.


  • Site



It all comes down to one simple pillar for every digital campaign- the site.


In order to have effective result, the people need to land on something. And they need to land somewhere where they can get their information as simple and as well-structured as possible.


For that, we essentially based the site on 5 simple steps:

  • The “what”- Homepage
  • The “who”- About us
  • The “what we offer”- Careers Page
  • The “when we offer”- Hiring Events Page
  • The “how”- Blog

After developing the main pages, we had to include other key-info in pages like Press, Events and Optional Services for Partners.

As Crossover’s Romania activity spread into many areas, like webinars, event participation or high demand on some of their specific roles, the site’s pages spread into many pages, each including particular information.


  • Social Media Marketing


Nowadays results are mostly measured in views and clicks. Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, LinkedIn, Twitter, you name it, we try to get the most results out of it.

After crafting the site, we managed to create a Social Media Marketing campaign, promoting specific roles in the company or upcoming hiring tournaments, which took place in Cluj-Napoca, Bucharest or online.

We defined the target audience, including the profile of a Crossover partner and giving details about the key members of the company and differentiated it with clear guidelines from its competition.

The design created for each role had specific elements of the job and it followed Crossover’s Brand Manual:



  • Community Management


Growth. Engagement. Listening. Improvement.

These are the four important aspects of considering in a good community management.

Our strategy was based on searching relevant content, based on the keywords most used and which we wanted to associate with the brand and spread it on different channels for a wider engagement. When using various social media platforms, more conversations with potential customers (in this case- partners) can arise.

Another aspect in our strategy for a good engagement was to humanize the brand. A weak point of Crossover was that many people thought of it as a scam, because of its highly-paid jobs and the option to work from anywhere. In other words, it was too good to be true. In order to debunk that myth, we used the most valuable materials we had- the Crossover partners. We ran interviews in a very transparent approach with partners from Romania, asking them both of the job and the company’s culture.

Also, we developed an “Ask Me Anything” campaign involving the management team- local Brand Ambassadors and the Country Manager, with the aim of engaging the community and respond transparently to all of their queries.


  • Event Brand Activation


Considering that an Event Brand Activation may be the first encounter with some future prospects, you have to make it as engaging and as pleasant as possible.

Set a goal, create a budget, and most important of all, understand the audience you’re addressing to.

We had two important Event Brand Activations with Crossover:

After, growth, engagement and listening, we were very considerate of the market’s development and always striving to be one step ahead.


After a short or even longer discussion (depending on the interest) about the company and its activity, we invited each of the participants to partake in our contest. All they had to do was to give us their basic contact information and then pick any envelope to earn their prize. All the lucky ones who passed by won: Amazon vouchers, Moleskine “Star Wars” agendas, Electric Castle festival passes, fresh drinks or a dinner with the Crossover speaker at Techsylvania- Robert Altinger.

Electric Castle

At Electric Castle, we knew we were addressing to a more joyful and music-passionate audience, so our activation was similar to the previous one but with a more interactive activity and prizes to suit the musical or festival tastes of our participants.

We had a wall with balloons, organized under the form of the Electric Castle’s letters:

And the participants had to play darts with the balloons. The winner ones had the following prizes:

  • Music Vinyls with artists present on stage
  • Festival Bumbags
  • Amazon Vouchers
  • Rain Cloaks
  • Hats
  • The Big Prize- 1 Kosmophone




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