Social Media Marketing

This is one of the most common MarCom activities that our team delivers in almost every project.

In this article, we’ll briefly depict our approach to the Social Media marketing efforts for our client, Presslabs.

When we first started studying the WordPress hosting industry, it was hard for us to spot any trends whatsoever. There was little to see apart from features and updates, occasional marketing campaigns focused on low prices and, at times, a tutorial or a piece of software aimed at WordPress rookies that would eventually bring generate leads.

Tone of voice
The SWOT analysis we performed together revealed us the points of parity and the points of difference that would further be associated with corresponding brand behavior. Here are some examples of tweets that reflect the Presslabs’ brand personality:

  • Conversational and friendly, but not informal
    Ex: How’s your Saturday going? We thought we’d share with you some snackable ideas from this year’s @WPVienna on our blog.
  • Confident, but not boasting
    Ex: A part of the #Presslabs team and its supporters enjoying the warmth of the Viennese sun before Calin Don’s presentation at WordCamp Vienna 2018.
  • Helpful, but not arrogant
    Ex: On our platform, our users have witnessed the same account ad-blocking growth, and also felt the impending consequences.

Look & feel
Visual and written communication often tend to confuse the users when unmatched. Bearing this in mind, we have coordinated our communication efforts with the creatives at Presslabs to reflect the same brand in all aspects—what the brand says, the way it looks, the structure it holds. Presslabs has the same look & feel across all its communication channels—social media, website, press, customer communication and so on. Whether it’s a feature, a new article an event announcement, we spread the news coordinately.

It’s not only what you say, but also how you say it. We help Presslabs nurture communities across various media forms, where they often share tips & tricks with WordPress aficionados on Reddit, HackerNews, and other niche forums.

But what do you post, actually?
Presslabs’ Social Media activity follows its editorial strategy, focusing on its strongest asset: the product. Additionally, as being helpful is part of the brand credo, most of the branded content is tailored considering one major goal: education first. The weekly posting program is sprinkled with various team activities, industry updates and company announcements such as jobs or updates.

Wanna know more about our work with Presslabs? Read a short summary on our blog.

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