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Vectron is the market leader in countries such as Germany, Benelux, Austria and Switzerland when it comes to Point Of Sale (POS) solutions dedicated to sales management in the hospitality industry with over 200.000 systems installed in over 30 countries.

Vectron’s equipment highlights the importance of technology in this industry by streamlining customized operations.




  • POS Systems – fixed & mobile
  • Software apps
  • Software Integrations


Their experience gained in over 25 years, during the implementation of approximative 200.000 POS Systems has contributed to the confidence they instill their clients with, in over 30 European countries.



Vectron features special solutions for bakeries and pastries that ensure the sales process and business management in optimal conditions, making it easier and more efficient for commercial operators to work. Implementing Vectron Technologies into a hospitality business directly influences sales performance and, by default, business-reliable technology, robust design, high-quality materials, and data protection or warranty up to 10 years.

In Romania, Vectron is one of the top players in its niche, serving large restaurant and bakeries such as Panemar and Segafredo Massimo.

Our purpose was to help prospects understand the what and the why of Vectron technologies and the way it can impact businesses. Our work consisted of developing B2C communication and marketing materials to support sales activities. Brand consistency was a priority to enable a good customer experience.

  • Website Content
  • Blog posts
  • Advertorials
  • Newsletters

We created the website content, where we concentrated on emphasizing the importance of technology in the hospitality business, as it turns automation, reporting, and forecasting into best practices in the industry. Vectron products visibly improve a bakery, restaurant or hotel’s efficiency through their optimization and time-saving features. You can find more on their website.

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