“Anna is the team member you need, but most probably have not realised it yet. She helps you surface in words to the customer’s ear the hardest to explain product feature, but only after polishing it to perfection. Beyond being good with words, she’s always coming up with ideas, aggregating them in strategies that look so natural you wonder how come they did not come to you earlier. On top of this, Anna is a motivator and a keen organizer of the team’s creative, digital work”.  Mile Rosu, Presslabs CEO

“It’s been over 2 years since we’ve fully externalized our B2B communication to DigiTales and there’s at least one major thing that has stayed the same: they have always been highly receptive to our feedback, adapting their way of working and the services to best suit our needs.” Dan Rusu, Sales Manager at Vectron Romania

“Anna was in charge of all the communication aspects for Techsylvania 2016 and did an amazing job! From well-written press releases to catchy social media postings and highly engaging blogposts, everything was conveyed in a very appealing manner to our online community. You will not be sorry by choosing her services!” says Vlad Ciurca, Co-founder and Executive Manager at Techsylvania.