The Beginning of Our Collaboration with Techsylvania

We’ve been actively involved in the rebranding process and online communication campaigns for one of the leading technology events in Eastern Europe.

Techsylvania is one of the leading technology events in EE. We have witnessed its healthy growth in attendance, content quality and organizing efforts since the very first edition. The opportunity to join the team has risen in late 2015, being also our very first project at the time.

The 3rd edition of Techsylvania has started with a change in mind. After two years of full-speed growth, the brand needed a consolidation plan. We have started our collaboration by assessing the history, the values, and needs of the brand, collaborating with a team of talented graphic designers to generate Techsylvania’s rebranding strategy. From the look and feel to the tone of voice and strategic brand development, we can say that it’s been a fruitful know-how merge.

It’s been one of those great moments in a collaboration when the only effort of the communication responsible is to reflect the activity of the brand. Thus, we have crafted and distributed branded content across all the communication channels aiming to reach a broader audience that fitted the full-speed, blooming tech gathering.

The primary focus has been on Social Media. Techsylvania is an international brand with a diverse, yet digitally literate audience—the Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Google+ and Instagram accounts have been nurtured to inform, engage and expand the brand’s reach.

The blog has also reached a maturity stage. Branded content and guest posts have been laboriously developed to inform, educate and outline brand values.

Traditional communication channels have been explored to support the brand’s regional relevance. Media, blogs and radio stations have disseminated event milestones for which we have created bilingual press releases and radio spots scripts.

Yet, the biggest challenge has been to livestream and coordinate the communication activities to reflect the event’s progress. We have worked side by side with a proficient team of photographers and videographers not only to bring the event to life in the online medium, too but also to engage with the audience.

“Anna was in charge of all the communication aspects for Techsylvania 2016 and did an amazing job! From well-written press releases to catchy social media postings and highly engaging blogposts, everything was conveyed in a very appealing manner to our online community. You will not be sorry by choosing her services!” says Vlad, Co-founder and Executive Manager at Techsylvania.

Techsylvania has also reached a new milestone in 2017; and our collaboration, too. Happily, the organizing team has scaled up in capacity enough to launch another promising project: Codiax, a deep tech event based in Cluj-Napoca. We continue with our mission of taking the brand vision further. We now play a strategic role, coordinating and editing the communication activities of Techsylvania and the upcoming brand of Codiax.

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