What we do

DigiTales fosters creativity as much as it fosters discipline; each project is unique, and so is our work. We adapt our creative process to each new project, evaluating both the brand’s needs and the performance of our campaigns, always keeping in mind the main goal.

Briefly, our expertise divides into four major components: what the brand says, how it looks like, the way it behaves outdoors and a personalized recipe for a healthy brand growth.

Each category consists of several services and specific examples that illustrate our activity.

Digital Communication & PR We find that unique mix of activities, channels, and materials that best suit the wants of your audience. Bringing that strategy to life is our second most favorite part of this process. Last but not least, we measure the impact of our campaign and provide actionable points of correction.


Events — Event management and communication complements our vision of integrated omnichannel communication. We organize small-scale events and on-site brand activations to make the most of our clients’ presence. We consider that spreading the word before, during and after an event is simply brand hygiene.


Graphic Design — Conveying a message without using words is no easy job. We think our job wouldn’t be as compelling, relevant and ultimately complete without the touch of a talented visual communicator. Our work consists of brand identity and user-friendly illustrations to explain complex technical concepts.


Consultancy Coming up with fresh ideas, finding the right solution or simply putting things into perspective are some of the ways we can help your brand grow. Training and organizing creative teams are also part of our activity of building and rebuilding brands that wish to outpace their competitors.