Whether you’re looking for a solution, a new start, a refreshing perspective or simply seek a sustainable way to grow your brand and your team, we can guide you. We are an extension of our clients’ team.

Brand Audit
This is the go-to solution for brands that need a fresh approach. We provide a 360° analysis of your brand using various methods of tools to evaluate its performance such as SWOT/ PEST analysis, interviews, surveys and more. The outcome of our analysis consists of an extensive report and a baseline for correction.

Sharing knowledge is an innate feature of our team, as we are a permanently learning group of young professionals ourselves. We train teams or partner with organizations that want to explore the now. To us, this implies an attitude of constantly outpacing the current status quo by searching for new ways to get to your users’ and readers’ minds.

Our trainings include, but are not limited to the following topics:

  • Digital PR & Communication
  • Integrated Marketing & Communication
  • Copywriting for Social Media
  • Social Media Strategy from A to Z
  • Events Communication
  • PR & Communication for Startups
  • Recruitment Marketing in IT & C.

Here’s an example of our work in action: