Digital Communication & PR

We find that unique mix of activities, channels, and materials that best suit the wants of your audience. Bringing that strategy to life is our second most favorite part of this process. Last but not least, we measure the impact of our campaign and provide actionable points of correction.

PR & Communication Strategy

We’re closely connected with the local IT & C community, constantly challenging the status quo. What people pay attention to, which are the most credible sources of information, what is new, desirable and what springs action are all key points in the realm of communication.

Products, services, events, publishing projects—our clients’ businesses have many shapes. Yet one thing stays the same: being relevant and genuine in your actions is a must. Reflecting it is our job.

We create brand journeys that meet tangible KPIs. We deliberately perform activities that aim at consolidating brand reputations that last. We incorporate our communication & PR efforts on articulated, long-run strategies. No quick fixes.

This service is specifically for brands in any stage of development; ready to launch, newly incubated, or strongly positioned, but in a deep need for refreshing air.

We have put our minds at work to coordinate our upcoming communication & PR activities for the most complex projects in our portfolio:

  • Crossover
  • Techsylvania


Social Media Marketing

This is a collaborative process that brings together our creative forces and our clients’, in order to go beyond brand positioning consolidation, but merely to reflect what it’s made of—top proficiency, a clear business roadmap, a team of entrusted and talented people, or else.

As communication is a science by itself, we address social media marketing as a discipline that needs know-how and creativity as much as it needs a process to take form, which usually comprises the following steps:

  1. Social media strategy
  2. Tone of voice
  3. Visual communication
  4. Community management.

Each brand is different, which implies its needs and wants have a direct impact on how diverse and complex the above-mentioned steps are. We invite you to get a glimpse of our activity by visiting our projects:

  • Presslabs
  • Crossover
  • Techsylvania


Technical Writing

This is where our polymath side comes in handy. Technical communication is one of our most challenging activities, as it requires a deep understanding of product development, various tools, internal processes and industry knowledge in general.

We’re quite familiar with GitHub, Atom, Umbraco and many other CMS tools and platforms that are tech-first. We’re not afraid to take part in a debate on the bumpy, yet slow transition from monolithic apps to microservices and we’re just as open to learning about new verticals in the IT & C industry.

We have helped our clients craft in-depth analysis and tutorials, case studies, documentation sites, as well as technical articles and interviews with tech publishers from around the world. Here are some examples of projects and materials:

  • Presslabs
  • Vectron